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Gambling, Travel, Plastic Surgery: 5 Indicted In Student Loan FraudCase

student loan fraud 6pkg frame 1058 Gambling, Travel, Plastic Surgery: 5 Indicted In Student Loan Fraud Case CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger attempted to speak with him as he left court on Tuesday. CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger interviews Andrew Sanchez (credit: CBS) “Were you spending student loan money on face-lifts, how about gambling, travel? Aren’t student loans supposed to be used for education?” Sallinger asked, but to each question Sanchez replied only, “No thank you.” He and the others are accused of defrauding Community College of Denver, Front Range Community College and the United States Department of Education. Carmen Sanchez is alleged to have paid thousands of dollars for what’s called Lifestyle Lifts. That company was not involved. Jeremayah Gonzalez is charged with obtaining information from employee files where he works then applying for federal student loans in their names. Instead of spending funds on education attending a college Sara Sanchez is said to have attended events at the Pepsi Center. “How do you respond to that?” Sallinger asked, “Why are you hiding your face? I guess you don’t want to speak. Thank you.” CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger interviews Sara Sanchez (credit: CBS) According to the indictment, student aid was distributed by the Department of Education to Community College of Denver and Front Range Community College.

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Designed to deceive: How gambling distorts reality and hooks yourbrain

Uncertainty as its own reward in the brain One of the hallmarks of gambling is its uncertainty – whether it’s the size of a jackpot or the probability of winning at all. And reward uncertainty plays a crucial role in gambling’s attraction. Dopamine , the neurotransmitter the brain releases during enjoyable activities such as eating, sex and drugs, is also released during situations where the reward is uncertain . In fact dopamine release increases particularly during the moments leading up to a potential reward. This anticipation effect might explain why dopamine release parallels an individual’s levels of gambling “high” and the severity of his or her gambling addiction . It likely also plays a role in reinforcing the risk-taking behavior seen in gambling.

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